Welcome to my Fine Arts page!

I am a self-taught painter, have been since childhood. Sadly, I never thought to start a portfolio as my paintings were typically sold in advance and things were tougher before smart phones! So, I am beginning now. I specialize in oil on panel and canvas, pastels, pointillism, pencil, and sometimes acrylics. I also have a newfound love for mask-making which I have been dedicating a lot of time to as of late.

I will be uploading photos of paintings, masks, and other works of art as they are produced. They are all typically for sale unless otherwise stated.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my work and have questions about any of the pieces please contact me at astridovalles@gmail.com. The shipping costs vary depending on country and packaging needs, so I will get the exact price for you with shipping before you pay. I typically ship via USPS unless you request otherwise.

ALL MASKS ARE HANDMADE (by me) IN THE U.S.A. and all are unique, I never make duplicates so you know you have a piece that’s simply yours.